Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Dazzle Creative Dance & Movement Terms and Conditions

Program Fee

Registration occurs before class admittance. Forms should be completely filled out online and all transactions should occur before the 1st class of student attendance. This is a YEAR ROUND  ballet/creative movement program. Please see our CALENDAR for all START dates. The monthly program fee is due on the 1st of every month. The program fee is an electronic automated withdrawal from a credit/debit card account only. All credit/debit cards require an additional $3.00 service fee added to the monthly program fee. NO Cash or Checks are accepted. The Registration Fee/Dance attire fee are non refundable. The monthly program fee can be refundable if the student has not attended their first class. *Case by Case*

Decline Fee/Late  Fee**Updated Policies**

If the monthly fee is not available on the 1st (when payment goes through) a Decline FEE of $15.00 will be assessed. Each attempt thereafter is $5.00 . A $35 late fee will be assessed onto the monthly program fee on the 3rd of each month. If accounts are not settled by the 5th of the month this is an automatic removal from the program and you will be notified in writing via email with the balance. Students are not permitted to attend class if there is a balance on the account. Once balance is paid in full, student is allowed to class as normal. Notifying Dazzle of funds not being available will not remove the late fee or decline charges. These fees will automatically be assessed by the policies that are in place without exceptions. Customer response is needed as soon as possible if contacted by the Dazzle. No response to email communication, phone call or texts will only leave the assumption that you are no longer interested in the program. 

Cancellation /Withdrawals

If customer request to cancel and be removed from the program, please complete the program removal form  on a month prior by the 15th of that month. Example: A request for June removal must be placed by May 15th.   If notification is after the 15th, the customer is responsible for the current month with fees being assessed as normal and will be removed the next month. All policies will still apply.


We do not provide make up classes unless weather has permitted classes to be cancelled repeatedly. The program is year round and does not require make ups. Three classes is considered  a month. Two weeks of classes or less will require a make up if classes are cancelled.   It is up to the parent to get the student to class each week at the scheduled time allotted.  The class schedule is put together to take into account holidays and possible inclement weather. In inclement weather, we will follow Shelby County Schools.

Drop Off/Pick-Up

Studio doors will not open until class time. Parents/Guardian must leave the student in the class line area of the studio and EXIT to their cars. All parents must clear the lobby as soon as the student is dropped off. Parent/Guardian are not permitted to leave the premises. Please wait in your cars until class is completed. There will be a pick up line outside the studio door and each will exit as they hear their names being called. I It is the parent/guardian full responsibility if students walk out with another student or parent.  We want to ALWAYS ensure safety. NO PARKING IN OTHER BUSINESS SPACES. It could result in a tow etc per owner.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

As the Parent/Guardian I am committing to Dazzle’s Mission and Developmental Movement program for my child or children. I understand that my child’s participation in this program is important to his or her overall growth and development.

Release and Waiver

I understand the medical risk that may result from such participation in physical activity, and I represent to Dazzle that my child is physically capable of participation without illness or injury. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks or loss, property damage, or personal injury, including death that may be sustained by my child, or loss of damage to property owned by my child, as a result of participation in this dance program. I hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Dazzle, its teachers, staff members, and facility owners now or in the future against all claims, actions, causes of actions as a result of damages, costs, liabilities, expenses, or judgments, including but not limited to attorney fees and court cost arising from or out of my child’s participation in any of the programs offered.

Promotional Use

I give full consent and understand that my child (Parent/Guardian) as well as my child’s picture/video may be used in promotional material.

Dazzle reserves the right to add, change or amend any of the above policies and procedures.

Class Attendance and Etiquette

  • Student attendance is very important to the progression of their motor development skills and movement vocabulary. Please arrive on time because it is a distraction to other students when others are late, as a result, interference happens during the lesson.
  • Students should be fully dressed for class each week. Students are not allowed on the studio floor without proper dance shoes and/or bare feet. It is mandatory that all students are properly dressed for class. Students are not allowed to participate in class with tights only and no shoes as it is susceptible to injury. Outerwear is not allowed.
  • Make sure that all students have been to the restroom before class. Please make them try again once they arrive, if possible.
  • Students should enter the dance space as quietly as possible.
  • If students are released out of the classroom, be aware and available that it is due to the following: restroom, sick, or behavior.
  • Student pick up is imperative and parents must be available upon class completion to make sure students are picked up safely. Parents are permitted to stay on premises the entire time. *Dazzle is not responsible*
  • Once students are assigned a class time and date, there cannot be any switches in days and times unless approved.
  • If students are sick, we ask that they be left at home until well. We want to make sure the others students are safe from any illnesses.
  • If classes are cancelled, parents will be notified via text and email. Because this is a yearly program, there will be no make-up classes unless scheduled by Dazzle.
  • Parents are also asked to participate in events scheduled throughout the year.
  • Students who are not signed up to the program are not allowed to take class. There is a process for new students and must be followed.
  • This is a movement program and not a daycare. Parents are required to be engaged and supportive to the vision of the program.