Studio Classes


Toddler Tulips

Class Description: Tiny Dancer/Parents will be on an adventure discovering body parts, color recognition, music, counting and using their imagination for creative play. This class will fully engage both parent and child in listening and responding, learning to develop a better awareness of self and social engagement in activities throughout the class. This is a creative movement/pre-ballet level class.

Class Duration: 30 min, once a week

Attire: Dazzle leotard dress, pink slipper and flesh-colored tights. (Included in enrollment fee)

Twinkle Toes Ballerina I

Class Description: Pre-Ballet and Creative Dance class for the tiny dancer ages 3-4. This class is also designated for a 5-year-old that has never taken ballet. This class will explore in ballet and creative dance, using the Dazzle approach.

Class Duration: 30 min, once a week

Attire: Dazzle leotard dress, pink slippers, and flesh-colored tights ((attire included in initial enrollment fee).

Twinkle Toes Ballerina II

Class Description: Students ages 5 or 5.5-9 will focus on classical ballet and creative dance. In this level class, we will go through a traditional ballet class but add our Dazzle touch that includes creative dance, partnering exercises, barre, center and across the floor work.

Duration: 45min, once a week

Attire: Dazzle Leotard Dress, Flesh Color Tights, and Pink Slippers (attire included in initial enrollment fee)

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