Twinkle Toes Ballerina I

Twinkle Toes Ballerina I

Twinkle Toes Ballerina I

(Age 3-4)

Just Move and Groove. Students will be on an adventure in movement and dance discovering body parts, color recognition, music, counting and using their imagination for creative play. This class will fully engage each child in listening and responding, learning to develop a better awareness of self and social engagement in activities throughout the class. This class will also take a leap into the classical ballet vocabulary in a fun and active approach. We will begin a warm up in every class and then began taking the ballerina’s on a magical ride from Plié to Relevé, to leaps and jumps. These little ballerinas will get familiar with the class structure and be involved in class group activity. At the end of each class we will have Relaxation Time or Reverence. In addition, Students will also take a Happy Feet class once a month.

Student Attire: Purple Leotard, Flesh Color Tights, and Pink Slippers, Tap Shoes *attire included in initial enrollment fee

*Please read the terms and conditions before enrolling.*

Class Schedule

Monday 6:20pm-6:50pm
Tuesday 5:00pm-5:30pm
Saturday 10:30am-11:00am

*Students attend class once a week.*

It is mandatory that all students are properly dressed for class. Students are not allowed to participate in class with tights only and no shoes as it is susceptible to injury.


New Promotion-Enrollment fee is  $140.00 ($50 registration fee waived), $65 monthly program fee(1st month), $75 dance attire fee(leotard/tights/slippers/tap shoes).

*Enrollment fee covers class for the 1st month. After the first month, a re-occurring fee of  $65 is due on the 1st of every month on an auto draft deduction.*


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